In Yippy's Bad DreamEdit

Prudence And Gremmie: (Evil Laughter) MORE MORE!!!
  • Yippy Walking To The Spot's House
  • Hugo's Midnight Snack
  • Hugo Comforting Yippy
  • Hugo And Yippy Sleeping Together

(Yippy Comes In Crying With A Wagon Full Of Cookies)

Yippy: Stop Eating My Cookies

Prudence And Gremmie: NEVER!!!

Yippy: If You Keep Eating Like That You Could Become Fat


(Yippy Goes To The Cookie Mines And She Falls In A Big Hole)

After The Bad DreamEdit

Yippy: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Breaths In And Out) What A Bad Dream

(Yippy Sees A Sleeping Gremmie And Prudence And Pickle)

Yippy: I Don't Want To Wake Theme Up

(Yippy Exits The Bedroom And Goes Into Olga's Bedroom And She's Sleeping)

Yippy: I Don't Wanna Wake Up Granny Olga Nether I Should Go To The Spot's Household Sense I Can't Wake My Family Members Up

(Yippy Exits The House In Her Pajamas With Her Teddy Bear To The Spot's House)

Spot's HouseEdit

(Hugo Was Having The Leftover Chocolate Cake When He Hears The Doorbell It Was Yippy)

Hugo: (Swalows His Cake) Yippy? What Are You Doing Here So Late At 2:20 In The Morning?

Yippy: Well You See Mr. Hugo I Had A Terrible Dream And I Did Not Wanna Wake My Family Members Up So I Went To You.

(Hugo Puts The Cake Back In The Fridge And Picks Up Yippy)

Hugo: It's Ok

Yippy: It's Alright Dad I Mean Mr. Hugo

(Hugo Carries Yippy To The Quintuplets Bedroom And Gets In Bed With Yippy In His Arms)

Hugo: Maybe One Day Yippy Will Be My Adopted Daughter

(Hugo Falls Asleep So Does Yippy)

the end

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