Yippy Bad Day

Yippy: Prudence Gremmie!

Prudence and Gremmie: What?

Yippy:I'm gonna sell cookies!


Yippy: Hey! That's rude @_@

Vicky goes and steals the cookies

Prudence jumps out of nowhere: Get away fat lady!!

Vicky: I will steal cookies


Mindy: Mom youre gonna get fatter bu eating those cookies

Vicky: MORE!!!!!!!

Yippy goes home crying

Olga: Hi dear.Whats the matter

Yippy" Vicky stole my cookies

Olga: Oh that idiot Vicky! I'll smush her

Yippy and Olga go to Vicky

Mindy: Mom gained like 6 pounds from those cookies!

Olga:How fat is she?

Mindy: 954 pounds!

Olga: im only 598


Mindy, Gremmie, Prudence, and Olga start beating up Vicky

vicky: ow!ow!ow! ( vicky starts to beat them up)

gremmie: agh! so heavy!

prudence: owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

yippy: ( fights with no problem) take this! and this!

vicky: ow! ( runs away, not very fast because she is obese)

yippy: that's what you get for stealing MY COOKIES!!!!!!!!!

gremmie, mindy and prudence: yay yippy!

yippy: be fair cookie venu TIME AGAIN

Olga: Look Cookie

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