Yippy is a 9 year old girl who first appeared in Papa's Pancakeria. Her full name is Yolanda Adora "Yippy" Wheeler. Her two older siblings are Gremmie and Prudence. Her mother is Ninjoy. Her aunt is Ember. She also has a babysitter named Carolyn. She is playable in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!. She is the third shortest customer. The first two being Edoardo Romano and Georgito.


Out of all customers, Yippy is the youngest.

Yippy was placed #2 in a person's top 10 worst video game characters due to throwing Rainbow Cookies in Papa Louie 2 and considered to be a joke character.

She normally sneaks into the Romano's mansion to do their cleaning because she knows the code to open their mansion.

It is revealed in Yippy is Kidnapped by her Mother that she was born evil and that Ninjoy is her mother.

Quotes From The Wheelers' Car Chase Edit

"I love cookies!" (Selecting her)

"Uh oh, my car is broken!" (Hitting a bump)

"Yes!" (Winning)


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