Scooter: What Times Pick Up.

Nick: At 5 o'clock.

Scooter: I have laser/beauty treatment, i'll make at 6:00.

Nick: You Have Laser & Beauty Treatment, that's great.

-at car trip-

Scooter: i think we should go now.

Nick: Next up, The fair.

Rita: What The...?

Akari: Yahoo!

Rita: Ughh...i wanna puke.

Pickle: Grrrr?

(The bee comes on Nick's car)

Scooter: There's a bee in a car? Do Something?

Nick: I'm Driving?

Rita: Hi, bee.

Akari: He's Not here, he's gonna sting me?

Nick: OH MY GOD!

Beth: Ow?

Scooter: If you don't move, he wont sting you, freeze.

Beth: He blinked.

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