Doan: We're Done, i'll find Scooter.

Nick: Quinn captured Scooter, Willow & Trishna, i'll go find Them

Ana: All right, let's go talk about tuesday with moree. 

Tohru: Again? If we don't get a new book, i got to puke!

Utah: You're the 5 people who gotta need in hell!


-In Quinn's Basement-

Scooter, Willow & Trishna: MMMMM HMMMMPH!

Nick: Scooter.

Doan: Willow, Trishna, Where are you.

Nick: Where are you.

(Nick & Doan Take Tape Off Scooter, Willow & Trishna's Mouth And Rescued Them)

Nick & Doan: Ta-da.

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