Scooter: i can't see?

Radlynn: Nothing, how bad your vision.

Scooter: I'm blind, i can't see.

Radlynn: No, you can see, i don't know what you can't see.

Scooter: I need my glasses back.

Radlynn: Okay.

Scooter: Muchas Gracias.

Radlynn: De nada.

-on the store-

Radlynn: Con Permiso.

Scooter: Hola!

Radlynn: Siempre solo.

Scooter: -looks at her cat- un gato...venga...cuchito cuchito.

Radlynn: seul pour toujours.

Scooter: Estoy feliz?

Radlynn: 1 milkshake por favor

Scooter: lo milkshakes.

Radlynn: S'il vous plait

Scooter: Lo milkshakes.

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