Clover: Pf, i'm SO gonna own this game.


Rita: This game is evil.

Yippy: EXCUSE ME!!! that's bad!!! FUCKING BULLSHIT RETARD!!!!! 

Scooter: It's magnificant, it's time to play, it's time to laugh, it's time to grow.

Lisa: And then to leave her sit in her own crap.

Scooter: -stops reading- -on the agent TV- Let me see if you got, of course, that's it, and if you follow them all and you'll be succeed with 3 special steps.

Rita: Did we have to follow them all and be succeed with 3 special steps.

Scooter: -on the agent TV- Yeah, and at least we have 3 special steps, and if we do this thing by getting it, then show me your help to find them again, listen to me talking about 3 special steps, Only 3 special steps and you're ready to go, and find it if you need, And there is many choices and if you have 3 special steps cause if you need, The checklist has this steps you need, Just follow them all and you'll succeed with 3 special steps.

Lisa: Okay?


Scooter: -on the agent TV- Good luck?

(On a mission) (10 minutes later)

Maggie: Ha!

Lisa: Hi-ya!!

Rita: Excuse Me? This Is Not Karate? We're On a Mission with you.

Lisa: Okay.

Yippy: Freedom?

Clover: This Is How, Watch?

Maggie: -eats crackers- Oh really, what will they do about this?

Lisa: I think that's pretty much alcohol we drank too much.

Clover: No, you're not!

Lisa: Let go!

Clover: No! You Let Go!

Lisa: Let go!

Clover: No! it's my alcohol!

Rita: Hey! Hey! Stop That! Duh Right Now! Or Else I'll Make You Sleep On Your Grandma's House!

Clover: You Scared My Badge Away?!

Lisa: No i didn't?!

Clover: Yes you did!

Lisa: Hold It! Wait a minute...My bikinies is cover in rainbow colors, that's sweet.

Clover: What's Sweet?

Lisa: I got my liquor, yours is in your hands.

Clover: Grrr, i'm comin' to get you!

Rita: Hey! Hey! Stop That! Duh Right Now! Or Else I'll Turn My Asian Music Up Full Volume!

Maggie: Shhhh, you'll wake My mom up.

Lisa: Let Me Go?

Clover: No!

Rita: Gaurds! Take Them Away?

Clover & Lisa: No, Let Me Go!!!

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