Lettuce LaneEdit

Radley Madish: Now, to kidnap you...

Big Pauly: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

(Radley Puts Pauly In The Cage And Taylor Hides In A Lettace Bush And Runs To Get Pauly)

Pauly: What are you doing here? Pull the handle!

Taylor: Ok.

(pulls handle and the two are warped back to the Burgeria)

Leaf LandingEdit

Pauly: I gotta rescue Clover!

(half an hour later)

Clover: Pull the handle!

Pauly: Ok.

(pulls handle and the two are warped back to the Burgeria)

Rita: Marty, Your Sister!

(Marty sees Clover)

Marty: Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, Little Sister (Runs Up To Clover And Hugs Her)

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