In this hilarious series of short animations, you will see random bosses destroy Wendy's Wheels cars. This is the sequel to Travel Tour Explosions.

Weapons (used by destroyers in bold) Edit

Exploding Pomegranate Gun (Tea Transformer)

The TearJerker Edit

Sarge Fan: I can't wait to ride my TearJerker!

Vinegar Dragon: Okay bubble tea robot, destroy that car and steal ability gear so we can create a newer boss by putting in it and welcomes munchmore!

Tea Transformer: I am ready!

The transformer destroys the car by activating Pomegranate Gun.

The TearJerker: BOOOOOOOM

Then. The transformer steals ability gear

Tea Transformer: Hm. this gear was based on it's green & purple color!

At least. The transformer flies back to munchmore with ability gear.


Sarge Fan: My car destroyed?! and someone stole ability gear!

At Munchmore (Boss Operation)

Milk Pilot: Here, a toy stop sign. This will be the arm. That gummy worm brain will be the thing that makes it talk, and some narutomakis. This will be its base.

Tea Transformer: And also the Ability Gear, it will be what controls it.

Vinegar Dragon: Okay! Put the Narutomakis into the Processor Machine, then add the toy stop sign. This will make a giant narutomaki with an arm!

*The operation starts*

Captain Loozel: First, 3 Narutomakis in the machine.

The red shrimp puts these items in the Processor Machine.

Gum Eel: The next is the toy stop sign as an arm.

The gummy worm boss puts the toy stop sign.

Dr. Tomatiest: Now I do the gummy brain.

He puts the sweet organ.

Jellyclops: And last one, the Ability Gear.

The moustached plumber puts the gear.

President Kiwi: The creation was complete!

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