Heres Another Papa Louie OC Of Mine Her Name Is Shelia She Is Hugo's Long Lost Daughter Who's Favirout Food Is White Chocolate.



Name: Shelia Becca Spot

Age: 9

Likes: Eating White Chocolate, Spending Time With Her Daddy and Cousin's, Playing, Eating Like Her Daddy

Dislikes: Nick Getting Bullied By Her Big Cousin Alberto, Ninjoy, Cori (Sometimes)

Friends: Greg, Sasha, Sarge Fan!, Nick, Utah, Yippy, Clover, The 'O' Riley Twins, Scooter.

Enimes: Ninjoy, Sarge, Ninjoy

Family: Hugo (Father), Alberto, Rita, Cecilia and Lisa (Cousins), Kahuna, Georgito, Rico and Franco (Uncles) and Wendy (Aunt)

Personality: Like Her Daddy's

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