Doan sleeping with tohru

Doan And Tohru Asleep

Tohru: Goood Night Nick

Nick:Good Night

(in bad dream)

Tohru: Where am I?

Ninjoy pops up

Joy: Muhahaha! I will kill your whole family starting with Akari first!

Tohru: NO!!!!!

Akari eats her taco. a knife is in it.

Akari: Yum. Good ta..

Akari dies.

Joy: Now I will kill Nick

Tohru: NOT NICK!!

Joy puts a bomb in Nicks pancakes

Nick:I love my pan...

Nick explodes

Cooper:Ahhhhhhhhh!He dead!

Tohru cries.

Tohru wakes up


Tohru walks to Doans room

Tohru: Daddy can I sleep with you? I had a nightmare

Doan: Sure Tohru


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