Mordecai: Let's have a paintball competition!

Izzy: Okay!

Owen: Brilliant idea!

Mordecai: Okay, like last time, this is single person only! No teaming up or you're out! Now get your gear on!

They get their gear on and go to the woods.

Mordecai: Begin!

They spread out.

Mordecai: (ducks behind log and hears something) Huh? (walks toward noise)

5 minutes later...

Mordecai: Who are you guys?

???: I'm Rebecca, and this is Johnathan. Last name is Shaker.

Mordecai: Mom! Dad! But we thought you were dead! You didn't come back!

Rebecca: We got lost. We stayed here and foraged around.

Mordecai: You look awful. Follow me, I'll call the competition off, we decided to have another one.

They follow Mordecai back to the road.


Izzy: Why? Who are they?

Mordecai: It's mom and dad! They're not dead!

Izzy: Mom! Dad! You look awful. What have you been eating?

Rebecca: All we could find was fish. Some salmon, a few trout, and the occasional largemouth bass.

Owen: Who are they? Ooooooh. Mom! Dad! You look awful, you need some food.

Dusty: I'll make some. Follow me to my hut.

They go to Dusty's hut.

Dusty: (mixes some random things together and pours it into a bottle) Here. Drink this, it'll make you less hungry.

Rebecca and Johnathan: Okay. (they drink it)

Rebecca: BLEEEAURH! It's curtled!

Dusty: Eh, you'll get used to it.

Johnathan: Oh, well. At least I'm less hungry.

Rebecca: Yeah, he never talked much.

Mordecai: You still look thin. You need a whole boatload of food to look significantly less thin. It really bothers me to see you this thin.

They spread out; Mordecai goes into Cupcakeria, Izzy goes into Hot Doggeria, and Owen goes into Wingeria.

Mordecai: Eileen, can I have a monster cupcake?

Eileen: Why?

Mordecai: It's not for me, it's for my parents.

Eileen: I thought you said they were dead.

Mordecai: They're not, apparently. Kiwi cake, teal and sunglow frosting, as many toppings as you can. I'm ordering this because they look really thin.

Eileen: Okay!

3 minutes later...

Eileen: Here.

Mordecai: Thanks.

Later with Izzy....

Izzy: Peggy, can I have a monster hot dog?

Peggy: Why?

Izzy: It's not for me, it's for my parents.

Peggy: I thought Mordo said they were dead.

Izzy: They're not, apparently. Italian sausage, pretzel bun, as many toppings as you can. I'm ordering this because they look really thin.

Peggy: Okay!

3 minutes later...

Peggy: Here.

Izzy: Thanks.

Later with Owen....

Owen: Mandi, can I have some monster wings?

Mandi: Why?

Owen: It's not for me, it's for my parents.

Mandi: I thought Mordo said they were dead.

Owen: They're not, apparently. Boneless wings, as many sauces, dips and other stuff as you can. I'm ordering this because they look really thin.

Mandi: Okay!

3 minutes later...

Mandi: Here.

Owen: Thanks.

They regroup.

Mordecai, Izzy and Owen: Here.

Rebecca: Thanks.

Rebecca and Johnathan eat all of it in 15 minutes.

Mordecai: You look a lot better.

Nicolas:I Forggotten it!


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