Sleeping quintuplets 2

The Quintuplets Asleep In There Dreams

(In Kahuna's Dream)

Kahuna: Wendy? Wendy Were Are You?

Wendy: I'm Right Here Kahunie

(Kahuna Sees Wendy Dressed In Hot Clothes)

Kahuna: Hello Wendy

Wendy: Come Over Here Kahunie

(Kahuna Chuckles)

(In Georgito's Dream)

Georgito: Skyler Skyler Were Are You?

Skyler: I'm Right Here Georgie

(Georgito Sees Skyler Dressed In Hot Clothes)

Georgito: Woha Mama

(In Rico's Dream)

Rico: Vicky Vickzie Were Are You?

(Rico Sees Vicky In Hot Clothes)

Rico: Woha Mama

(In Franco and Hugo's Dream)

Franco and Hugo: SUE SUE Were Are You

(Franco And Hugo Sees Sue In Hot Clothes)

Franco And Hugo: nos gusta (we like)

(Kahuna Wakes Up And So Does Georgito, Rico, Franco And Hugo)

Kahuna: Bro's I Just Had A Werid Dream

Georgito, Rico, Franco And Hugo: What?

Kahuna: I Dremet It Was Spring

Hugo: Big Bro It Is Spring

Kahuna: Ah Nuts

the end

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