(We Go To The Spot Household To See Yippy Making Five Spanish Pies)

Yippy: oh hi everyone it's the spot brothers birthday and i'm making theme there birthday breakfast

(Yippy Hears A Ding And She Brings Out There Birthday Breakfast Spanish Pies)

Yippy: Now I'm Going To Look For A Tray To Bring It Up To Theme

(Yippy Finds A Tray In The Closet And Puts The Quintuplets Breakfast On There And Walks To The Quintuplets Bedroom With The Tray In The Quintuplets Bedroom The Quintuplets Were Fast Asleep When Yippy Came In Singing The Happy Birthday Song And After She Finishes She Puts The Tray On The Quintuplets Bed Causing The Quintuplets To Wake Up)

All Five Quintuplets: What The Heck? (Sees Yippy) Oh Good Morning Yippy YIPPY? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE AT NINE IN THE MORNING?

Yippy & Wendy: Feliz Cumpleaños

All Five Quintuplets: Thanks Yippy And Wendy

edit rest

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