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(We Begin At Night Where Greg Was Fast Asleep Until He Heard A Blowhorn)


(James Is Shown In His Pajamas With The Blowhorn)

James: Come On Troops Move It Move It Move It!

Mary: Is This Really Nesasery James?

Greg: Move What Where?

James: This A Drill Privet Move You Tail To The Shelter Double Time!

(Outside The Eureka's, The Kay's, The Jay Parents, The Hiroshino's And The Razburg's Are In The Bomb Shelter)

James: Pitaful Just Pitaful Officaly Where All Goners!

Kingsley: Great Maybe We Can All Finally Rest In Peace

(The Wheeler's, The Stone's, The 'O' Riley's, The Spot's, and The Lugo's Get's In The Bomb Shelter In There Pajamas)

Alberto: Move It Punching Bag (Bumps Nick Causing Him To Fall Down)

Nick: I Thoght This Shelter Was Sposed To Protect Us From The Enime

Foodini: Yeah I Built This Place And I'm Sweating With Blood

Sue: There's No Room For My Cousins

James: This Is No Hotel Sue It's A Bomb Shelter Of Love

Cori: Yeah (Giggles)

Greg And Utah: No More Love Talk!

James: Fine

(The Jay Boy's, The Matthew's, The Whinley's, The Solary's, Jojo, Daisy and The Romano's Comes In The Bomb Shelter)

Mitch: This Better Be Good Mr Eureka

James: Attention Everyone The Reason Why I Made This Bomb Shelter Was To Keep Us Away From Bombs And Alpaca's

Xandra: But Daisy's Well Behaved She's Only Good Whenever We Give Her Carrots

James:Ok,let me rephrase that.I built this shelter to protects us from bombs and alpacas that haven't been fed carrots.

Greg: Oh So You Woke Us All Up At 12:06 In The Morning For A Bomb Drill?

James: Yes Yes I Did

Mary: What Gave You The Idea James Billy Eureka?

James: Well Marrel Sally Eureka The Football Game Was Interuppted By A Miltery Bomb Shelter Show And I Couldent Tell Who Was Winning Or Losing So I Made Myself A Bomb Shelter For Cori Myself And Everyone Else

Mary: You Know Who's Not Here

Greg: How Should I Know Everyone Is Here The Whole Town Is Here!

Mary: Professer Fitz I Wonder If Someone Should Go Check On Him

James: Someone?

Mary: James?

James: Robby!

Robby: Cooper!

Cooper: Greg!

Greg: Peggy!

Peggy: No Way Bubby

(The Eureka Men Get Out Of The Bomb Shelter And Over To The Fitz Lab)

Professor Fitz's labEdit

Professor Fitz:Hello?

James:Hey!Why weren't you at the bomb shelter?!

Pro. Fitz:I'll go

Greg:Well that wen't better than expected.

Pro. Fitz:If you say the password.

1 minute later

Pro Fitz:Say it.

James:I'm a smelly butthead who likes to wear dresses.

Pro. Fitz:And the rest.

James:And I eat a lot of whipped cream.

Pro. Fitz:Heh-heh.

The Bomb ShelterEdit

(The Eureka Men Return With Professor Fitz Seeing That Everyone Fell Asleep Including Cori)

James: Crud Well I Better Go Sleep To

Pro. Fitz: Agree

(James Sleeps Besides Mary And Pro. Fitz Sleeps Besides Edna Leaving Robby, Cooper And Greg Wide Wake)

Robby: Wanna Play Video Games?

Cooper: Oh Yeah

Greg: Me First

(Robby, Cooper And Greg Leaves The Bomb Shelter And Plays Video Games Inside)

Robby: Aww Cooper Your Cheating

Cooper: Have You Ever Heard Of Cheat Codes

Robby and Greg: No

(Outside The Bomb Shelter The Sun Was Going Up Then James Wake Up And Finds A Megaphone And Uses His Blowhorn And Disturbs The Eureka Boys From There Video Game Playing)

James: Wake Up Troops Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up

Mary: (Waking Up) Is This Another Emergency James?

James: No This Is A Wake Up Call

(Yippy Wakes Up On Hugo's Stomach)

Yippy: (Yawns) Oh Hi Mr Hugo

Hugo:Why you sleeping on my stomach?

Yippy:Becuses i too tried.


Ling:Ni men hao!wo de ming zi jiao zuo ling,hai you ni men bi xv yao da dao Ninjoy……

Ling:Annd wo ai ni!




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  • Yippy, Nick And Greg In The Bomb Shelter
  • The Quintuplets In The Bomb Shelter
  • The Jay Boy's And Jojo In The Bomb Shelter
  • At Fitz Lab
  • Pro Fitz Sleeping With Edna

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