Spin N' Sauce is a game from Papa's Pancakeria. If you get the star sauce, you win a Papa's Taco Mia prize. If you get any other sauce, you get the amount of points in tips. For example, if you get verde sauce (worth 100 points), then you get $1.00.


Chocolate whipped cream (10)

Blueberry (15)

Strawberry (20)

Butterscotch (25)

Chocolate (30)

Mint (35)

Whipped cream (40)

Honey (45)

Maple syrup (50)

Mayonnaise (55)

Mustard (60)

Ketchup (65)

BBQ (70)

Loco mystery sauce (75)

Sour cream (80)

Nacho cheese (90)

Verde sauce (100)

Mild sauce (150)

Hot sauce (200)

Star sauce (win a prize)

To get the star sauce (win a prize), spin when the power meter is at the top light.

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