Snowflake is Dusty's twin sister. She has silvery white fur, long white hair with bangs being clipped off to the right by a pale blue hair clip, pale blue patches on her paws, perky fox-like ears with pale blue tips, a long, bushy tail with a pale blue tip, walks upright, and has opposable thumbs on her front paws. She wears a pale blue off shoulder shirt with a white bra underneath, pale blue jeans, a white belt, pale blue sandals, pale blue eyeshadow, and mascara. Her name is derived from her snowy appearence. Like Dusty, Eileen, and Mordecai, she can speak Pig Latin.

Friends: Same as Dusty.

Enemies: Same as Dusty.

Personality: Same as Dusty.

Love interest: Sparky(one-sided on her side)

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