Clover:oh my im in 7th grade

clover goes into school


Scooter:hi clover!

then clover see's a unfamiliar looking girl

Clover:who's that girl over there?

Sasha:it's the new girl in town named trishna

Clover:hi im clover

Trishna:hi im trishna

Clover:so where did you come from?

Trishna:i came from frostfield and i moved here

Clover:ya know what 7th grade is going to be better than 6th grade!


clover see's nick drinking from the the sink

Clover:we're going to be late for class

in class

Teacher:welcome back to 7th grade and the seat you choose you will sit there every day!

Clover sits in the seat next to trishna

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