Richard Miller
Connie's dad Richard

Full Name

Richard Bradley Miller


Thick-Headed, Mean Spirited, Self-Centered, and Stubborn (As Said By Connie)


His Job, Money, and His Wife


His Kids, The Romano Family Quartet, The Spot Brothers, and Papa Louie


His Wife


His Kids, The Kid Brigade, The Spot Brothers, The Romano Family Quartet and Papa Louie

First Appearance

The Family From The Dingy Oniontown

Last Appearance

The Revenge Of Connie's Father


Gets Arrested By Police Chef Fender For Child Abuse, Blackmailing, and Lack of Parenting (Goodbye Wicked Parents), Get's Executed For Total Abusement And Car Chase

Richard Bradley Miller was the founder of Miller's Used Car's.

Bad ParentingEdit

Richard is shown to be a terrible father and here are the bad fathering skills he did to his kids:

  1. Ruined His Kids Birthdays
  2. Treats His Kids Like Slaves
  3. Abuses His Kids Whenever They Don't Get Him Things
  4. Never Lets His Kids Go Out
  5. Never Lets His Kids Make Friends
  6. Tries Making His Kids Someone's Like Him

Antagonist SchemesEdit

Before his executment, Richard did wicked things to the citizens of Tastyville.

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