Prudence Flip
Gender Female
Occupation: Pancakeria (Benny Version)
First Appearance Papa's Pizzeria
Flipdeck Card Number: 086
Known Relatives: N/A
Favorite Holiday N/A
Closer N/A
Prudence is a blond-haired girl who wears a pink bow. She has a dog named Pickle, and she works in the Pancakeria along with Cooper. Her first appearance was in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!. Prudence has not been absent in any of the Gamerias yet. She can turn her head 180 degrees, as Meepers thinks. Before Papa's Taco Mia!, she didn't have Pickle or her hair bow. She likes to play the lying down game and the game twister.She is Cooper's girlfriend.

Birth: 3 January, 1990 At 6:34 am (age 24)

Famous quotes:

"I want more, I want more~!"

"Oh, yeah! This feels so good!"

"You want an explanation? Here it is: a picture is worth a thousand words."

"Wanna see me turn my head upside down?"

"Haha! That tickles!"

"You can't just leave me dangling!"

"I am so psyched to get covered with whipped cream!"

"This is amazing! So fluffy, thick and foamy!"

Quotes in Papa KartEdit

Prudence! (when she is selected)

Oh no! (hit by item)

Yess! (winning a race)

Uhh... (losing a race)

Let's go! (when she is selected)

Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! (running over a boost pad, overtaking someone)

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