(In Bad Dream)
Fitz after bad dream

Fitz Waking Up From His Bad Dream

Professor Fitz: I might go out for a drive.

Professfor Fitz locks the door and goes to his car.

Professor Fitz: I will back out today.

Professor Fitz starts up his car and backs out.

Professor Fitz's Car: BROOM!!!!!!!!!! SPLATTER!

Professor Fitz's Car explodes.

Professor Fitz: Oh great! My car is broken! Now What Am I Gonna Do?


Professor Fitz: NOOOO! NOT THE PROFESSOR!!!!

Iggy: Almost, THERE!


(Fitz Wakes Up And Finds Himself In His Bed And He Breaths Hardly)

Iggy: Grandad?

(Fitz Sees Iggy)

Iggy: What Happened... I Heard You Screaming About Your Car.

Professor Fitz: Iggy, I Had A Very Bad Dream About My Car

Iggy: Well It's Alright, Your Car Is Safe In The Garage

(Iggy Hugs Fitz)

Iggy: Well I'm Gonna Go Back To Bed Good Night Granddad Fitz

(Iggy Leaves To His Bedroom And Fitz Lays Down And Falls Back To Sleep)

The End.

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