In the kid brigade(in the year of 2008)(Parody of orinigal pilot)

the members greg sasha joey nick xandra xolo and utah were getting ready for something

Clover is the new member

Clover:Oh Hi!








Clover:im the new member of the kid brigade

Clover:I go to tastyville elementary

rest of

Clover:I came here because my brothers girlfriend rita is always trying to cheat on me


Sasha:Rita also cheated on me

Clover:She borrowed my gamecube console without asking

Joey:i'll try to get it back

Joey goes to the spot familys house

Joey Knocks

Joey:im here to pick up clovers gamecube

Rita:get lost!

Rita:oo i need to go to the bathroom

Joey:i can sneak in

he goes into rita's bedroom

rita:ah ha!

Kicks Joey out

Clover:did you reclaim it?

Joey:no she kicked me out

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