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Sleeping big pauly

Before Penny wakes up

Penny with pauly

A Sad Penny With Pauly

Pauly: Ok Penny It's Time For Bed

Penny: Yes Dad

(In Penny's Bad Dream)

Penny: Why Alberto Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Alberto: Beacuse I Love Her!

Penny: Fine I Don't Care If You Love Maggie Or Not I Still Love You No Matter What!

(Alberto Walks Away And Penny's Starts Bawing Then She Wakes Up Upset And Goes To See Her Dad In His Bedroom)

Penny: Dad You Up?

Pauly: I Was Going To Bed But Yeah I'm Up What's Wrong Penny

Penny: Daddy I Had A Bad Dream

Pauly: Wanna Sleep With Me

Penny: Yeah

(Penny and Big Pauly Gets In Bed)

Pauly: Comfortable Penny?

Penny: Yeah Thanks Dad

Pauly: Good Night Penny

Penny: Good Night Dad

(Penny and Pauly Falls Asleep And The Lights Go Out)

Penny: Dad?

Pauly: *snores*

Penny: Dad!?

Pauly: *snores louder*

Penny: Oh well

(Penny Sleeps)

Pauly: UGH UGH IM UP!!!

Penny: Ah!! You woke me up dad!

Pauly: So what did you want to ask?

Penny: Will Alberto still love me for who I am?

Pauly: Yup

(They both sleep)

the end

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