Papa Louie: Ok, I need 4 pecan pancakes, cinnamon, sugar, and honey

Prudence: Papa hates bacon so I will add bacon

(adds 40 raw bacon pancakes waffles and french toast over and over again)

Papa Louie: YOU'RE STUPID! (throws pancakes waffles and french toast at Prudence)

Prudence: I better take a shower

Papa Louie: I better go home

Papa Louie's Car-

Roy: How did you go

Papa Louie: Terrible!

Roy: Well, what did you get?

Papa Louie: I got a lot of raw bacon waffles pancakes and toasts!

Roy: Oh No! That is horrible.

(visits Prudence)

Prudence: So bacony day!

(Prudence gets the order. Gives to Papa Louie)

Papa Louie: Thanks Prudence!

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