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Chefs: Xandra,Allan,Custom

Intro: Xandra/Allan/CW is reading a magazine and find an ad that says"Win a free prize today" which gives an address where the Souperia is. Xandra/Allan/CW finds Papa Louie and the workers of the resteraunts which award Xandra/Allan/CW with the new resteraunt

Customer Rank Charts

Xolo(in tutorial) (no longer closer)

Lisa(after tutorial)

Penny(Day 2) (new float unlocked: Freezeria Float) (new outfit:Freezeria uniform)

Marty(Day 5)(new float unlocked:Burgeria Float) (new outfit: Burgeria uniform)

Clover(day 12)

Rita(Rank 3)

Mindy(Rank 4)

Alberto(Rank 5) (new outfit:Freezeria uniform)

Tony(Rank 7) (new float unlocked: Flipline Studios Float)

Matt(Rank 8)

Ninjoy(Rank 9) (no longer closer)

James(Rank 10)

Xandra/Allan (Rank 11)

Kahuna (Rank 12) (new float unlocked: Surf Shack Float)

Mandi(Rank 13) (new float unlocked:Wingeria Float) (new outfit:Wingeria worker outfit)

Peggy(Rank 14) (new float unlocked:Hotdogeria Float) (new outfit: Hotdogeria worker outfit)

Chuck(Rank 15) (new outfit:Wingeria worker outfit)

Wally(Rank 16)

Prudence(Rank 17) (new float unlocked:Pancakeria Float) (new outfit:Pancakeria worker outfit)

Scooter(Rank 18)

Cooper(Rank 19)

Boomer(Rank 20) (no longer closer)

Matthew(Rank 21) (NEW) (outfit: Light Cyan polo shirt with black pants)

Nicolas(Rank 22) (NEW)

Nico(Rank 23) (NEW)

Clair(Rank 24)

Ivy (2nd day of rank 24)

Kayla(Rank 25)

Alexander(Rank 26) (NEW)

Abel(Rank 27) (NEW)

Jose(Rank 28) (NEW)

Greg(Rank 29)

Fevi(Rank 30) (NEW)

Bea(Rank 31) (NEW)

Roy(Rank 32) (new float unlocked:Pizzeria Float)

Maggie(Rank 33) (new float unlocked:Taco Mia! Float)

Mitch(Rank 34)

Utah(Rank 35)

Gonzi(Rank 37)(NEW)

Jimmy(Rank 38) (NEW)

Samantha(Rank 39) (NEW) (outfit:Safety Patrol belt and a school uniform)

Sofia(Rank 40) (NEW)

Gino Romano (2nd day of rank 40) (new float unlocked: Romano Family Quartet Float

Bruna Romano(3rd day of rank 40)

Carlo Romano(4th day of rank 40)

Little Edoardo(5th day of rank 40)

Taylor(Rank 41) (new outfit:Hotdogeria outfit)

Torhu(Rank 42) (new outfit:Light Pink Ballgown Dress)

Nevada(Rank 43) (NEW) (outfit: pink version of Utah's outfit)

Cammile(Rank 44) (NEW)

Mackenzie (Rank 45) (NEW)


Amelia(NEW) (taking place of Ninjoy)

Professor Fitz


Chloe(NEW) (taking place of Xolo)


Danny(NEW) (taking place of Boomer)

Jojo the Food Critic

back to other customers

Sarge Fan!(Rank 46) (new clothing: Sarge Tatoo on arm)

Captain Cori(Rank 47)

Foodini (Rank 50)

Papa Louie(Rank 54)


preperation station:













chicken broth




cooking station

10 mins

15 mins

20 mins

25 mins

30 mins

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