The chefs will be Sasha and Fitz

One day Sasha/Fitz goes to an flash mob at West Lakes but with a  sudden, Noah and Mattews Camerow crash into West lakes mall and 640 people killed by noah and Mattew Roy tell Sasha/Fitz to go work at Milkshakemia much to dismay


Vanilla (start)

Chocolate (start)

Strawberry (rank 2)

Mint (rank 5)

Banana (rank 11)

Rainbow Sherbet (rank 14)


Whipped Cream

Chocolate Topping

Strawberry Topping

MInt Topping (rank 7)

Blueberry Topping (rank 13)

Rainbow Sherbet Topping (rank 21)


Ezekiel (day 2)

Dr. Doan (day 3)

Alvin Hung (day 4)

Quinn (day 5)

Lorax (day 6)

Xolo (day 7)

Jojo (day 8)

New Customers: Amy Sam Simon Willam.

Customers Chart Rank

  1. Nessie
  2. Professor Fitz
  3. Mandi (New Float Wingeria Float)
  4. Connor (Day 2)

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