Chef:Zack and Franco 

intro:They Win 100th Aniversary so They can do in icecreamia.on day They Deleved to icecreamia in NewYork.And They Ride a Bus Trip to New York.and they Will Have HoliDays in This Game Unlock Rank 6 in papa's icecreamia.


Zack/Franco Tuiorial.Timm after Tuiorial

Gino (Day 2)

Clover (Day 2)

Hank (Closer)

Greg (Rank 2)

Nick (rank 2)

Kahuna (Closer)

Willow (Day 4)

Yippy (Rank 3)

Rico (Rank 4)

Mindy (Rank 4)

Big Pualy (Closer)

Cooper (Rank 5)

Gino (Rank 6)

Rico (Closer)

Quinn (Closer)

Allan (Rank 7)

Jojo (Closer)

Scarlett (Rank 9)

Nevada (Rank 10)

Connie (Rank 10) NEW!

Doan (Rank 12) NEW!

Utah (Rank 14)

Papa Louie (Rank 16)


Wipped Cream (Rank 1)

medium (Rank 1)

Chocolate (rank 1)

Sprinkles(Rank 1)

Cherry(rank 1)

Blueberry (Day 2)

Chocolate (Rank 3)

Green Springkles (Rank 3)

Cookie (Rank 3)

Stroberry (Rank 4)

Nuts (rank 4)

Oreo (rank 5)

Big (Rank 6)

Chocolate wipped Cream (Rank 7)

Cinnamon Rolls (Rank 9)

Mint (Rank 10)

Peach (Rank 10)

Struberry Wipped Cream (Rank 12)

Small (Rank 12)

If this is Fake?Edit

They Will Turn Frezzeria.


  • Chrismas (Rank 6) 
  • New Years (Rank 10) 
  • Valetimes Day (Rank 13)

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