Chefs: Akari/Hugo


Tutorial: Cecilia, Hank

Day 2: Mindy

Day 2: Sasha

Time Customer: Cooper

Time Customer: Wiliow

Time Customer: Pinch Hitwell

Rank 3: Olga

Rank 4: Lisa

Rank 5: Franco

Rank 6: Radlynn

More to come soon :)


Bread Station

Regular bread - White bread - Brown bread - Pretzel bread - Pumpernickel Roll - Sesame Bread - Flatbread

Grill station

Bologna - Bacon - Ham - Chicken - Pork - Steak

Sauce station

Butter - Peanut butter - Nutella - Butterscotch syrup - Chocolate syrup - Blueberry syrup-Banana Syrup-Red Fruit Syrup-Mint Syrup-Fresh Berry Syrup-Lemon Syrup-Rainbow Sherbet

Topping Station

Shaved Bacon, Tropical Charms, Sprinkles, Chopped Orange, Chopped Strawberries, Chopped Mandarines, Chocolate Chips, Mint Shavings, Creameo Bits

Build station

In this section you only have to place straight the bottom bread, after the sauce, then the meat, topping and finally the top bread.

Plate station

Regular plate - Large plate - Flowered plate-Small Plate - Cardboard plate -

Note Edit

Only 6 Customers Per Day

Time of Each MeatEdit

  • Bologna: 1/6
  • Bacon: 2/6
  • Ham: 3/6
  • Chicken: 1/6
  • Pork: 4/6
  • Steak: 5/6


  • Hunter
  • Quinn
  • Xarvis
  • Justin
  • Grant
  • Apollo
  • Jojo


  • Nobody

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