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One day Ivy/Greg was eating at the Taco Mia! Ivy/ Greg had either Greg or Ivy wiith them. Papa Louie suddenly comes to the taco Mia. He tells them to eat as slow as you can for a slow taco eating contest. Greg/Ivy eat it very slow while after a little while, Greg/ Ivy takes a huge bite and finished it. It was because of boredom. Papa tells the young winners to come to his new shop, the sandwich mia.

Ingriedients- Wheat, White, Potato Bread, Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Bologna, Roast Beef, Peanut Butter

Veggies and Other, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheese, Bacon Strips, Pepperoni, Dried Anchovies - for wally, Bananas, marshmallows. Chocolate chips.

Sauce- Mayo, Mustard, ketchup, grape jelly, strawberry jam

Customer Chart Rank:

1. Greg/Ivy

2. Yippy Rank 2

3. Marty Rank 4

4. Big Pauly Rank 5

5. Vicky Rank 6

6. Scooter Rank 8

7. Greg Rank 9

8. Xolo Rank 10

9. Xandra Rank 11

10. Kahuna Rank 12

11. Taylor Rank 13

12. Sue Rank 14

13. Jhonatan Rank 15

14. Wartyerio Rank 16

15. Lisa Rank 17

16. Franco Rank 18

17. Cecilia Rank 19

18. Hank Rank 20

19. Wally Rank 21

20. Sasha Rank 22

21. Alberto Rank 23

22. Bruna Romano Rank 24

23. Carlo Romano Rank 25

24. Edna Rank 26

25. Cooper Rank 27

26. Utah Rank 28

27. Akari Rank 29

28. Zoe Rank 30

29. Foodini Rank 31

30. Papa Louie Rank 32

31. Rico Rank 33

Closers- Ninjoy, Johny, Quinn, Bob- new closer, Proffesor F., Boomer, Jojo

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