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July 14,2017


Croft26, Shawn Levy (Former)

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Papa's Freezeria:The Movie

Papa's Pizzeria:The Movie is movie 1 of a series of Papa's movies. The story tells about Noah Jones,Papa Louie fanatic,and his brother Matthew as they run the pizzeria when they work there without Papa Louie. 


  • Jordan Fry as Noah Jones
  • Noah Johnston as Matthew Jones
  • Jason Sudeikis as Papa Louie


Noah begins the movie by narrating his childhood relationship with Papa Louie. Then he goes toward ten years later,when him and his brother,Matthew,are delivery boys at the pizzeria. They come in and Matthew realizes Papa Louie is gone. Noah reads a note he left on an order tickets and faints when he sees Kingsley. Matthew wakes him up.

They start to work,and realize that running it is harder that working at it. On their fifth day,Matthew falls in love with Penny,to the dismay of Noah. They get married and Penny becomes a regular customer. 

Noah and Matthew are hard at work on their 35th day when an agent(voice of Zac Efron)asks where Papa Louie is. Matthew blows it and says he is on vacation. The agent says that you have to have a boss for a business. He says if Papa Louie isn't back in five months,he will shut down Papa's Pizzeria. Noah tries to protest that the restaurant means everything to him. The agent ignores him.

On their 73rd day,Matthew doesn't show up. Noah is disappointed in Matthew and chews him out. He says that Penny has some issues and wants him to stay home. Noah is angry,and fires Matthew. Matthew tries to get his job back,but Noah speeds away in his car.

Papa Louie calls and asks how his favorite workers are doing. Noah,upset,hangs up without saying a word. He bangs boards on the doors and leaves the pizzeria behind,closed forever. 

At home,Noah is watching TV when his doorbell rings. It is Matthew. Matthew apologizes and Noah forgives him. They go back to town and fix up the Pizzeria and get even more customers. 

In the end,Papa Louie shows up. He tells Noah and Matthew that he is opening up a new restaurant on Calypso Island and needs some workers. Noah and Matthew accept and Noah says "This is only the beginning." 


Papa's Pizzeria:The Movie Transcript


  • This is the first of the Gameria Movie series.
  • It is shown Noah and Matthew were Papa Louie's best customers when Noah was 13 and Matthew 10.

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