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One day, Sasha/Georgito were playing air hockey with  Sasha/Georgito win and Papa Louie congragulates them. Papa Louie tells them that they are the best players in the city. He says that Sasha/Georgito shall deserve a treat. He gives them a spatula and shows them his shop and gives them the uniform.

Sasha/Georgito Day 1

Penny Rank 2

Nick Rank 3

Peggy Rank 4

Franco Rank 5

Greg Rank 6

Clover Rank 7

Cecilia Rank 8

Wendy Rank 9

Doan Rank 10

Vicky Rank 11

Hank Rank 12

Ivy Rank 13

Timm Rank 14

Bruna Romano Rank 15

Radlynn Rank 16

Skyler Rank 17

Matt Rank 18

Cletus Rank 19

Mindy Rank 20

Rico Rank 21

Tohru Rank 22

Cooper Rank 23

Allan Rank 24

James Rank 25

Boomer Rank 26

Alberto Rank 27

Utah Rank 28

Sue Rank 29

Willow Rank 30

Wally Rank 31

Foodini Rank 32

Akari Rank 33

Tony Rank 34

Ninjoy Rank 35

Yippy Rank 36

Roy Rank 37

Olga Rank 38

Johnny Rank 39

Robby Rank 40

Zoe Rank 41

Mary Rank 42

Big Pauly Rank 43

Captain Cori Rank 44

Xandra Rank 45

Bertha Rank 46

Pinch Hitwell Rank 47

Scooter Rank 48

Kahuna Rank 49

Professor Fitz Rank 50

Connor Rank 51

Lisa Rank 52

Mandi Rank 53

Clair Rank 54

Gino Romano Rank 55

Little Edoardo Rank 56

Carlo Romano Rank 57

Hugo Rank 58

Marty Rank 59

Chuck Rank 60

Maggie Rank 61

Rita Rank 62

Mitch Rank 63

Prudence Rank 64

Srage Fan Rank 65

Gremmie Rank 66

Papa Louie Rank 67







Mayor Mallow


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