Papa's Pancakeria 2
Creator: October 2, 2017
Custom worker?: Cooper and Prudence
Platform: Free
Previous Web Game: Papa's Pizzeria 3
Next Web Game: Papa's Burgeria 2
Previous App: TBA
Next App: TBA

It is downloadable.

There are new additions.

All the absent customers are available.

New customers:

All the new Burgeria 2 customers

All the absent customers

All the new Wingeria 2 customers (including Leila)

New mixables:

Rainbow sprinkles

Tropical charms

Mint shavings

Edible glitter

New toppings:

Mint shavings

Tropical charms

Rainbow sprinkles

Edible glitter

New drinks:

Blueberry juice

Raspberry juice

IQ drink


New drink extras:

VB cubes (colored cubes used in the MS Visual Basic 6.0 icons)

Colored ice cubes

Alphanumeric mix (letters and numbers, colored)

Tetris pieces

New syrups:

Vanilla syrup

Strawberry syrup

Raspberry syrup

Mint syrup

Sherbet syrup


Big Pauly (in tutorial)

Leila (after tutorial)

Professor Fitz (no longer closer) (day 2)

Post the rest of the customers in the comments.

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