Chefs : Utah/Greg

Utah/Greg wakes up in her/his PJ's and they rush before the mall tickets are sold out and they get dressed but then they realise that they were sold out but Papa Louie and Foodini wait up with them and show them to an exclusive Christmas Shop (in this shop, Christmas-inspired themes, and all of Pizzeria, Burgeria, Taco Mia!, Freezeria, Pancakeria, Wingeria, and Hot Doggeria, are all fused together, and there are no worker uniforms. Watch customers take up to seven meals a day.)

Customer Order

1. Utah/Greg After Day 1

2. Franco

3. Prudence

4. Fidel

5. Timm

Closers :

1. Boomer

2. Mayor Mallow

3. Allan

4. Newstar

Replaces Quinn

5. Johnny

6. Kingjuan

Replaces Kahuna

7. JoJo

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