Chefs: Lisa, Johnny, Custom Worker

Lisa/Johnny/CW go to a party. They pick a name out of the hat that Papa Louie is holding. Papa Louie tells them they win the cakeria.

There Is No Customer Cravings Because Of A Holiday.

Customer Rank ChartEdit

1. Lisa/Johnny (in Tutorial)

2. Cecilia (out of Tutorial)

3. Clair (Day 2)

4. Franco (Day 2)

5. Doan (Day 2)

6. Big Pauly (Day 3)

7. Clover (Day 3) 

8. Greg (Day 3)

9. Hugo (Rank 3)

10. Professor Fitz (Rank 4)
11. Akari (Rank 5)

12. Ivy (Rank 6)

13. Utah (Rank 7)

14. James (Rank 8)

15. Johnny (Rank 9)

16. Kingsley (Rank 10)

17. Mindy (Rank 11)

18. Chuck (Rank 12) (Papa's Wingeria Float)

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1. Jojo (Sunday)

2. Gavin (Monday)

3. Xavier (Tuesday)

4. Quinn (Wednesday)

5. Radlynn (Thursday)

6. Mayor Mallow (Friday)

7. Wyoming (Saturday)


1. Spin The Pop Drink (Prize from Hot Doggeria)

2. Vampire Shot (Prize from Wingeria)

3. Cupcakes In Space (Prize from Cupcakeria)

4. Zoe's Guiter Fix-Up (Prize from Taco Mia!)

5. Going Freezers Bananas (Prize from Freezeria)

6. Drink Shot (Prize from Pancakeria)

7. Burger Boss (Prize from Burgeria)

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