Stone HouseEdit

Sue: Bye! Allan and Johnny will babysit you!Edit

Clover: What does "babysit" mean?

Sue: Clover, "babysit" means when someone looks after you when your parents are somewhere far away from home and their kids cannot come.

Sue: Now, I gotta get my burger!


Sue: Mr. Master Marty, can I please have: tomato, medium patty, tomato, medium patty, tomato, medium patty, and tomato.

Marty: Mom, I am not Mr. Master Marty! Besides, a girl is here!!

Sue, Slyly: Sorry Mr. Master Marty!

Marty groans as he face palms himself.

Build Station-

Marty: I'll prank my mom Sue by giving her a nothing burger!

Marty puts a bottom bun then a top bun.

Sue: MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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