Papa's Burgeria 2
Creator: December 4, 2017
Custom worker?: Marty & Rita
Platform: Free
Previous Web Game: Papa's Pancakeria 2
Next Web Game: Papa's Pizzeria 4
Previous App: TBA
Next App: TBA
Workers: Marty, Rita, Custom Worker (Papa Louie playable on




White Onion

Red Onion (NEW)


Bacon (NEW)

Onion Ring (NEW)

Mushrooms (NEW)





BBQ (Rank 3)

Awesome Sauce (NEW) (Rank 9)

Custom Sauces (NEW) (Rank 13)


American Cheese

Swiss Cheese (NEW) (Rank 10)

Pepperjack Cheese (NEW) (Rank 15)

Colored Patterned Cheese (NEW) (Rank 20)

Drinks (NEW) (Rank 11):


Orange Soda (Rank 12)

Lemon Lime (Rank 14)

Blue Powerade (Rank 17)

Grape Soda (Rank 20)

Water (Rank 21)


Small: 8oz (Rank 15)

Medium: 16oz

Large: 24oz (Rank 20)

New Features:

Over 60 customers, including new customers

Challenging closer customers

Jojo the food critic

Mini games to win prizes

Buy upgrades and furniture items

Sometimes customers may order items that are not unlocked yet. If so, you can send a message saying they are out of this item.

How to send messages:

1. Click "send message"

2. Type it like this:

I'm sorry, valued customer, we are out of the item called "_____". Please accept _____ instead.

New customers:

Sysop (rank 13)

Nikki (closer)

Mime (rank 25) (order: the same order the last customer ordered)

Liam (rank 27)

Lewis (rank 31)

Tommy (rank 34)

Jim (rank 35)

Linus (rank 36)

kole (rank 37)

Larry (rank 38)

Dylan (rank 42)

George (rank 43)

Gigi (rank 44)

John (rank 45)

Murphy (rank 50)

Amelia (rank 51)

Rosanna (rank 52)

Lucy (rank 53)

Sally (rank 61)

Jack (rank 64)

Jane (rank 66)

Stone (rank 67)

Justin (rank 68)

Eve (rank 69)

Simon (rank 70)

Mily (rank 71)

Davlops (rank 72)

Brittany (rank 75)



How to make custom sauce:

1. Add flavor (you can choose what flavor you want)

2. Add color (specify hex code)

3. Mix it up

4. Add label (If no label, it will have a number 1-6)

(you can have up to 6 custom sauces)

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