Papa's Brownieria is a game that created by Gemstone9999, It will come out on 30th June 2017, The chefs are Allan and Mindy


Allan/Mindy/Custom Worker arrives at Power Point, orders 3 red velvet skulls before Big Pauly comes, He/She decided to eat the donuts first, Then Allan/Mindy/Custom Worker decided to ride the Sky Ninja and sees Willow the Vampire, Allan/Mindy/Custom Worker should try the Cheesy Coaster, But he/she said no, Then he/she saw a billboard that Papa Louie needs workers for Papa's Cerealria, He/She had an idea, He decided to ride the Sky Ninja rollercoaster after Sky Ninja Returns finished, And he/she hops on the Sky Ninja Rollercoaster, He/she is riding it when he/she accidentally hits Papa Louie. A day later, Papa Louie is revealed to be in hospital unconscious with a leg, head and wrist injury. Roy tells Allan/Mindy/Custom Worker he/she has to work at the Brownieria to work off the hospital bills, Roy gives him/her the uniform and wears it.


Allan/Mindy/Custom Worker is riding Sky Ninja without hitting Papa Louie on the tracks, He/She gets off the ride and sees Roy, Roy tells that Papa Louie is back with an wheelchair and white thing that goes on the wrist, He gives the gold trophy to Allan/Mindy/Custom Worker


  • Order Station
  • Batter Station
  • Bake Station
  • Build Station
  • Pop Station


  • Hiro (NEW!) (Day 2)
  • Akari (Day 3)
  • Rhonda (Day 4)
  • Emmlette (Day 5)
  • Quinn (Day 6)
  • Xolo (Day 7)
  • Jojo the Food Critic (Day 8)


Coming soon


  • St Paddy's Day (Unlocked with Georgito at Rank 6) - Georgito, Mitch, Timm, Manny, Elle, Utah
  • National Grilled Cheese Month (Unlocked with James at Rank 11) - James, Doan, Lisa, Nick, Kaitlyn, Wylan B
  • Alyssa's Rodeo (Unlocked with Alyssa at Rank 16) - Alyssa, Mayor Mallow, Alberto, Penny, Taylor, Whiff
  • Summer Luau (Unlocked with Kahuna at Rank 21) - Kahuna, Chuck, Hacky Zack, Bruna, Little Eduardo, Nevada,
  • Starlight Jubliee (Unlocked with Boomer at Rank 26) - Boomer, Trishna, Kingsley, Charlie, Janana, Cooper
  • Comet Con (Unlocked with Iggy at Rank 31) - Iggy, Mayor Tomato, Mayor Mushroom, Steven, Cherissa
  • Sugarplex Film Fest (Unlocked with Rita at Rank 36) - Rita, Kent, Sarge Fan!, Tohru,
  • Halloween (Unlocked with Robby at Rank 41) - Willow Robby, Rico, Big Pauly, Penny, Rudy, Carlo, Ninjoy/Joy
  • Thanksgiving (Unlocked with Sienna at Rank 46) - Sienna, Roy, Olga, Gino, Clover
  • Christmas (Unlocked with Santa at Rank 51) - Santa, Marty, Deano, Scooter, Marty
  • New Year (Unlocked with Xandra at Rank 56) - Xandra, Duke Gotcha, Cletus. Prudence, Emma
  • Valentine's Day (Unlocked with Scarlett at Rank 61) - Scarlett, Greg, Brody. Maggie, Vincent


  • Popcorn Holders and Drink Cups appear in this called the Pop Station
  • This game includes Papa's Hot Doggeria 2 locals.
  • This game confirms that Joy and Ninjoy are not the same person
  • This is the first Gameria to have 5 stations
  • Ninjoy's Style B outfit is actually Joy
  • This is the 2nd Gameria to be a video instead of a slideshow since Papa's Pizzeria

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