Owen: (in Cupcakeria) I'd like a kiwi cake with teal and sunglow frosting, shaved coconut, strawberry drizzle, cloudberry, cherry, marshmallow on both cupcakes.

James: Alright! (thinking) I'll tone it down a bit, he's too fat. (he does vanilla cake with white frosting, vanilla drizzle, one marshmallow on both cupcakes)

James: Here you go!

Owen: GRAARAAH!!! I'm calling Izzy! (he calls her)

James: Please, don't!

Owen: TOO BAD!!!

Izzy: HIYAAA!!! (she kicks him in the face)

James: AAAOOOOWWWW!!!!! Ow....

He goes home and Eileen takes over.

Eileen: Here, Owen. What you like.

Owen: Thanks, Eileen.


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