(Cooper Wakes Up Early)

Cooper: Good Morning Cookie (Cooper Looks For Cookie) Suprise

Ninjoy (On Tape Recorder): Your Getting Warmer

Cooper: Cookie?

Ninjoy (On Tape Recorder): Your Getting Colder

(Cooper Sees The Tape Recorder)

Ninjoy (On The Tape Recorder): Press The Play Button On The Tape Recorder

(Cooper Presses The Button)

Ninjoy (On Tape Recorder): Good Morning As You May Have Notice Your Pet Prudie Has Gone Missing.

Cooper: You Hide My Prudie Wrudie?

Ninjoy (On Tape Recorder): Oh I Mean Clocky

Cooper: Oh No You Hidden Clocky Who's Clocky?

Ninjoy: What's Your Name Again?

(Cookie Meows)

Cooper: Oh No You Hidden Cookie

Ninjoy (On The Tape Recorder): Whatever Anyway Cookie Has Been Hidden Somewere In Tastyville And Uh You Need To Find All The Things I Ask You To Get First Off Is Uh Let's See Here...Oh Yes Some Pizzas

Cooper: I'm On My Way

(Cooper Leaves In His Pajamas)

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