Olga: Someone Needs Together to get a new do, help me choose.

Mary: Okay.

Xolo: Ow, Nick, Stop Playing, Man.

Nick: Run the print

Xolo: Don't give me the blooming dead finger.

Allan, Xandra, Papa Louie, Roy, Gain, Peggy, Alberto, Cooper, Marty, Johnny, Foodini, & James: What?

Papa Louie: Leave Now!

Foodini: Leave Now, Please.

Nick & Xolo: Awwwwwehhhhh

Olga: Foodini, i got ballerina costumes, my grandson made me

Foodini: and i got an wolferine costume, my wife quinn made me

Papa Louie: And so i also got my Grim Reaper costumes and my scythe, my nephew made me

Roy: and i got Scarecrow costumes, my uncle made me!

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