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Olga had a bad dream

Olga After Her Bad Dream

Mary: Olga, Your Services Are No Longer Be Needed?

Olga: Ok Olgie Time For Bed For You

(Olga Changes Into Her Pajamas And Goes To Bed And Sleep)

(In Olga's Bad Dream)


Mary: I have to care for my kids more! I love them!

Olga: But...........

Mary: I shouldn't go now?

Olga: Mary, STOP COPYING ME!!!

(Olga Wakes Up And Screams)

Olga: AHHH!

Yippy, Gremmie, and Prudence: What Is It Granny Olga?

Olga: I Had A Bad Dream That Mary Hated Me For Her Kids!

(Back In Bad Dream)

Olga: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Where am I

Prudence: Why swiss can't I


Prudence: I'm the Swisser

Olga: I MUST get your wallet to see who are you

Prudence: You have nothing I have a swiss army knife

Olga: No don't cut me NO!!!!!!

(Olga wakes up)

Olga: What a weird dream a Swiss person..

Yippy: What's the matter granny Olga??

Olga: Your Sister nearly killed me with a swiss knife

Yippy: Don't worry granny Olga I'll sleep with you to keep you company

(Yippy gets in bed with Olga and uses her lap for a pillow and goes to sleep)

Olga: Good night Little One

(Olga falls asleep)

(Olga falls awake)

Olga: I'm sleeping better.

(Olga falls asleep)

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