Ninjoy Joy is the third-antagonist of the Papa Louie series. But, she was tortured by his brother and starting from the ending of The Epic Battle of Tastyville, she quit.


Captain Cori Razburg - Aunt

Utah Razburg - Younger Cousin

Nevada Razburg - Older Cousin

Mr. Francis R. Capri: Brother

Yippy - Youngest Daughter

Gremmie - Son

Prudence - Oldest Daughter


She is voiced by Charli Robinson

Notable Schemes and CrimesEdit

  1. Stealing Paintings and Jewels From Museums (Formerly)
  2. Skinning The Obese Citizens (Ninjoy's Greatest Scam) (Called In By Cooper and Prudence)
  3. Building A Hazardous Theme Park (Ninjoy World) (Called In By Lisa)
  4. Turning Everyone In The Flipverse Into Dogs (Life's Ruff) (Called In By Lisa)
  5. Stealing all pencils in Tastyville
  6. Attempting to murder Kent, Akari, Rico & Rhonda (The Delivery Quartet)


  • When they visit a museum, they (her and Mr. Capri) are both handcuffed. But, Mr. Capri's handcuff is a single cuff and they are tied with a short chain so Ninjoy couldn't steal something.
  • She tried to lock Yippy in the guest room of her house.
  • She tries to steal money from people.

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