One night, Nick had a bad dream
  • Nick Outside His Bad Dream
  • Tohru Conforting Nick
  • Nick Sleeping

(in nick's dream)

Nick: I feel so hungry. Mabye Mandi is a good cook.

( at wingeria )

Mandi! Mandi!

Mandi: Yes, Nick?

Nick: I want 8 medium wings and 3 sPicy Garlic Shrimps and Zesty Pesto dip for a change

Mandi (in the build station): Nick hates celery, so I'll give him just celery.

Mandi: Voila!


(Chuck agrees with Nick and so do all the other people)


(Nick Sees A Celery Bill Board And Serenders To Celery Then Nick Wakes Up Scared And Grabs His Pillow And Goes Into Tohru's Bedroom And Tohru Wakes Up Seeing Her Brother)

Tohru: What Is It Little Brother?

Nick: I Had A Bad Dream

Tohru: Tell Me What Happen In Your Bad Dream

Nick: I Walked In The Wingeria And I Asked For Teryaki Wings, Parmesan Chicken Strips, Atomic Wings and Honey Mustrad Bneless Wings But All I Got Was Celery And I Saw A Large Bill Board With Celery On It And I Serendered!

Tohru: Ok Nick Get In

(Nick Gets In Bed With His Sister)

Tohru: You'll Be Ok Now Nick

(Nick Drifts To Sleep And Tohru Puts Her Arm Around Him And Goes Back To Sleep)

The End

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