(1:20 In The Morning Yippy's Alarm Clock Goes And Yippy Stops It)

Yippy: (Yawns) another Day, Another  Cookie sellment. Let's see how the cookies are!            

Leila Driving Yippy to Ninjoy's, In her extremely disrepaired Estate.

(Yippys opens the Oven, But there is only Crumbs)

Yippy: Ahh!

(Olga Rushes Into The Kitchin In Her Pajamas)

Olga: The Cookies are missing, There is only Footsteps of a dog

Yippy: Must Be one of Ninjoy's plans, But she lives over in the City.

Olga: Call Leila, She is a good driver

(Yippy Calls Leila)

Leila (half asleep): Spot Residence 

Yippy: Hola Leila

Leila: Oh Hi Yippy

Yippy: Listen, Ninjoy has Stolen my Cookies and I need to get to her warehouse, Can I have a ride.

Leila: Sure.

Part 2: Mystery of the stolen cookies (Part 2)

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