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Inside the nightmare

Mandi and tony

Mandi wakes up from the nightmare

Mandi: Love you Toni! Do you have any game ideas after wingeria

Tony: My fans are wanting a hot doggeria, cupcakeria, cookieria, and maybe a cheeseria, some want a noodle mia. And what about a sea food mia? Taylor and Tohru could be chefs.

Mandi: Oh i know those 2. They are from the Kid Birgade.

Tony: Yeh. Lemme call Matt.

Tony calls Matt.

Matt: Yes

Toni: Do you like the idea of a seafood Mia?

Matt: Brilliant idea but I want a hotdog ria.

Tony: We can make one later.

Matt: Fine, bye.

Tony: Night.

Tony hangs up and gave Mandi a kiss on her cheek.

Mandi: I love you no matter how nerdy you are.

Mandi and Tony went to sleep

Midnight- Mandi: Uuhhfbbbuu? What's that noise

Somewhere in the distance was a scream and suddenly arupt silence.

Mandi: Tony what hapeened? Tony? TONY??! TTTOOONYYYY??????!!!

Mandi looks in Toniy's bed and saw that he's missing>

Mandi: TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandi walks around the house and finds Sidney and Jordin sleeping soundly.

Mandi: Be safe twin cuties. Tony?

Mandi didn't find a trace of him and started crying when she saw blood splattered on the window.

Mandi goes outside.

Mandi: Toni!!!!

Mandi was crying thinking Tony was injured.

There it was again, the scream.

Mandi: OMG! Tony!

Mandi rruns to the scream and sees Tony's bloody body with a knife by it but with no trace of the killer.

Tony: Hel-he-hel-p-p-p m-m-me.... Man-an-d-di.

Mandi: WAHHAHH! Tony, I love you.

Mandi crys and crys.

Tony: You are the best! I love you.

Mandi leans over and kisses Tony on the lips.

Tony's bloody body jerks and twists.

Mandi: TTTOOOOONNNNY!!!!!!!!

Tony's body is still and forever asleep. dead.

Mandi Who killed him?!

Xandra pops out scaring Mandi.

Xandra: I did! Now i will kill you! HAHAHA!

Mandi: O no you don't.

Mandi picks up the bloody knife and flings it at Xandra. Xandra dodges and does some weird symbol with her hands.

Mandi: What was that for.

Xandra: Turn around.

Mandi turns around and screams dodging the knife Xolo threw nearly getting killed.

Xolo: Come out Joy!

Ninjoy: And newcomer, Matt Neff.

Matt: 4 against one. You're outnumbered. I am new to the dark force brigade.

Ninjoy: Heheheee.

Xandra: We could easily kill you and we are.

Matt: I quit being workers with my so called bff tony so I could help yall dark brigade.

Mandi: What the heck are you doing? I trusted you Matt.

Xolo: You idiot. Just shut up.

Ninjoy: 1 2 3 throw!

The 4 throw their knives at the same time and Mandi sees them coming.

Mandi: AHHHHH!!!

Mandi wakes up.

Tony is sleeping and fine.

Mandi: Phew Just A Dream

(Tony Opens His Eyes Slowly)

Tony: M-M-Mandi?

Mandi: Tony (Kisses Tony)

Tony: What Happened

Mandi: I Had A Bad Dream Where Xandra Xolo Ninjoy And Your Co-Worker Matt Neff Killed You!

Tony: Don't Worry

Tony: Xandra Xolo And Matt Are Good

Tony: But Ninjoy Is Very Evil

Mandi (kisses tony on the lips): Goodnight

Tony Turns The Lights Off

The End


1.Tony say right some:

·Hotdogeria is appear,but its name is Hot Doggeria.

·Taylor is chef of Hot Doggeria

·Cupcakeria may be is proto of Cakeria.

.There is a Noodle Mia! already. It is Pastaria.

.Seafood Mia should be called Sushiria.

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