Luis First Appears In PL: WPA.


Pizzeria: 8 Pepperonis, 16 Olives, 6 Onions, 6 Sausages. Cooked for 22.5 and cut in fourths.

Burgeria: Bun,Welldone Patty, Mayo, Onion,Ketchup, Medium Patty, Bbq Sauce, Cheese,Bun.

Taco: Pita, Steak, Guacamole,Guacamole, Tomato,Tomato,Tomato,Loco Mystery Sauce

Freeze: Large w/ Rainbow Sherbet, Yum'n'ms, Chunky, Choco Whip, Blueberry Syrup, Tropical Charms, Tropical Charms, Mint Shavings, Butterscoth.

Wing: 8 Parmesan Wings, 4 Spicy Garlic Wings, 8 Cheese Cubes, 2 Zesty Pestos, 2 Awesome Sauces.

Hotdog: Cheddarwurst In A Pretzel Bun With Relish,Relish,Relish,Ketchup,Ketchup,Marinara Sauce, Salsa And Large Tangerine Pop with Large Kettlecorn.

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