Lisa Flip
Gender Female
Occupation: N/A
First Appearance Papa's Burgeria
Flipdeck Card Number: 125
Known Relatives: Franco (Father)
Favorite Holiday ?
Closer N/A
Lisa is a Spanish-American girl who plays soccer with her friends. She debuted in Papa's Burgeria. Her full name is Lisa Tiana "Hija" Spot. It Was Reveled At The End Of It's War With Pastery's She Has An Anxiety Disorder (Explaning Why She Doesn't Stay Asleep And Alway's Worry's).

She is 11 years old

Relationship With Her Father (Franco)Edit

Lisa And Her Papi Franco Have A Good Relationship Father And Daughter Relationship.

Lisa's Bad DreamEdit

Lisa Had A Bad Dream Once About Franco Dying

Lisa's Bad DayEdit

After Lisa's Bad Daydream About Her Getting Killet In The Fly Of Dispair Franco Over Heard About It And Went Into The Children's Bedroom



"I Got Two Porblems With The Pinata For Greg's Party...If I Do It Papi's Gonna Ground Me and If I Don't Do It Nick's Gonna Yell At Me In Japanese". (Quote From Happy Birthday Greg!)
  • Lisa
  • Lisa Comfused With Sarge Fan!'s Burger
  • Clover Finds Lisa In Her Bed
  • Lisa And Her Papi's Axes
  • Lisa As Super Lisa
  • Franco And Lisa (Papi And Hija)
  • Lisa Thumbs Up
  • Lisa's regular face when there either a crisis or she's pushed around...

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