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The quintuplets as dogs

The Spot Quintpuplets

(This is just my own version of the episode on the episode page)

Sarge: Time for my plan!

Ninjoy: What do it do?

Sarge: It turns all the citizens of Tastyville into dogs!

Ninjoy: O.O Real---

(The button drops out of sarge's hand, Everybody in Tastyville gets turned into dogs)

Lisa: (Yawns) Ah the morning (Sees Dog Alberto) Oh my god! A dog wearing my cousins bandana!

(dog alberto growls)

Lisa: Oh It's Alberto

(Cookie and Pickle comes in)

Lisa: Cookie And Pickle! Am I'm Glad To See You Both

(The Spot Quintuplets Come In As Dogs)

Lisa: (Gasp) Papi, Uncles Kahuna, Georgito, Rico And Hugo!

Dog Franco: Lissie Your Still Human Thank Goodness

Lisa: Your Still Talking When Your A Dog?

Dog Franco: Why Yes I Still Can Sarge Did This So He Can Destroy Papa Louie And His Resturants!

Dog: Alberto: Well I'm Gonna Look For Meat

Lisa: I'm just gonna see if Clover's not a dog.

(Lisa uses transporting devise)

Lisa: ? Blan--

(4 Cocker spaniels jump out of the living room)

Lisa: Where's Clover Sue!?

Dog: Here beside me!

Lisa: Aren't you the stones?

Dog Sue: You got to help us and turn us back to humans!

Lisa: Ok, I will see the others.

(Lisa warps to the outside of sarge's hq to see pickle and cookie joined her)

Lisa: Ok, this is werid ok come on girl and boy we gotta go up

(Lisa enters the HQ With cookie and Pickle)

???: Lisa!

Lisa: Who's there

(The mysterious people are Xandra and Xolo)

Lisa: Why weren't You 2 turned into dogs

Xandra: We were hiding in a place where the beam couldn't get us

Lisa: Well That's Good Now Derect Me To Were The Reverese Button To Get Everyone Back To Human's

Xolo: We Can't Tell You That

Lisa: Tell Me Now Or The Glass Eyes Comes Out!

Xandra: Fine!

Xolo: It is in the lab.

Lisa: Thanks.

(Lisa goes to the lab)

Lisa: Well. Let me  press it!

(It does nothing)

Xandra: Do it with 3 hands

(They press their 3 hands on it. The whole of Tastyville is reverted back to human but they were all naked)

Xandra: Woohoo! We did it!

Ninjoy (Who is still a dog): Darn it! If I twisted sides on you

Sarge: well, Take this!

(Sarge throws a crushida pepper at ninjoy out of her smartphone)

Ninjoy: Oh no!

Nevada: Ooh! Utah will be pleased!

Ninjoy: Noo!!!

(Back In Tastyville)

Franco: You Did It Hija You Got The Whole Town Back To Human (Kisses Lisa On The Cheek)

Lisa: Papi Not In Front Of My Friends

The end

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