Gender Male
Occupation: N/A
First Appearance ?
Flipdeck Card Number: unknown
Known Relatives: N/A
Favorite Holiday ?
Closer N/A
Leonard is a worker of Papa's Hot Doggeria.his favourite food is hot dogs.

Relationships: None

Age: 20

Occupation: Hot Doggeria Worker

Friends: Timm, Willow, Papa Louie, Cletus, Wally

Enemies: Alberto, Cooper, Hank

Likes: Hot Dogs, Calypso Wings

Dislikes: Wasabi Sauce


Wingeria: 4 boneless calyspo wings, 6 fries (right), Awesome Sauce Dip

Hotdoggeria: Hot Dog in a regular bun, Mustard, Ketchup, Large Fizzo, Small Popcorn

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