The Kid Brigade Reunion Is A Reunion Runned By Greg But Due To The Other Brigaders (Including Nick) Schedule Being Busy None Of The Brigaders Shown Up (Exept Greg Himself).

Questions On Were The Brigaders WereEdit

Greg: Hey Guess Who Showed Up!

The Girls: Who?

Greg: Guess, Guess, Guess

Penny: Uh...

Olga: Lisa?

Greg: No, No She's Got A Big Soccer Tournament In Burgerburgh

Clair: Nick Yeah Nick

Greg: No He's Out Kayaking With Mitch

Pauly: Oh That Hurts

Rico: Clover?

Greg: No, No, No, She's In Oniontown For A Drumming Tribute Sorry

Penny: Who Greg Who?

Greg: Uh Pretty Much Nobody Showed Up

Everyone: Oh

Greg: Yeah

Carlo: Nobody Greg?

Greg: Yeah, Pretty Much Nobody They Gave Me Video Voice Mails Saying There They Got Better Things To Do Besides Going To The Reunion

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